Let's GO!


Let's Go Bocce!

Let’s Go Bocce! wants to play one of the most traditional sports in history to connect people on a social and competitive level and to promote a fun playing experience. Perhaps the best quality of bocce ball is anyone can play the game no matter how young/old or skill level. 

What We Do

Let’s Go Bocce! works with individuals, facilities and clubs, who have bocce courts and want to use the sport as a vehicle to bring  members together and promote their facility and the sport. Many clubs have bocce programs in place for either social, competitive or both. Let’s Go Bocce! is introducing another option for a league management program that is offered to all players. These programs include social leagues, competitive leagues, and tournaments. Let Go Bocce! uses the topdoglive management program to promote and enhance the player’s experience. It  provides an additional platform, a bocce home base, per se, for players to see their schedules and scores and connect both within their own community and others outside their community.

There are two types of divisions a club or facility may have, Social and Competitive.  

Social Division: Within a club there are members who only want to play socially, but also want to have some structure to it.  In the social only divisions, Let's Go Bocce! does the scheduling; however, no scores are entered into the system. Let’s Go Bocce! also provides suggested rules, formats and regulations for these social divisions. If a social player chooses to play in one of their clubs/facility’s competitive divisions, they must be added to that team’s roster. 

Competitive Division: For members who want play competitively there is an In-House competitive division. The Competitive Division features a Bocce Bowl at the end of each season with the winners of the Bocce Bowl playing in the Super Bocce Bowl against all other Bocce Bowl winners in the county.  The Let’s Go Bocce! program not only schedules matches, but offers up to date scoring which means that, in most cases, players can see their team’s placement in their division by the time they walk in their front door. Players can also see how other divisions are doing in their club as well as other club’s in their county. The benefit to seeing other club's  is that players can  see who they may potentially play in the Super Bocce Bowl Championships. Let’s Go Bocce! also provides suggested rules, formats and regulations for these competitive divisions.


Q: Is there a fee to sign up? A: There is not a fee to create a topdoglive account; however, there is a $20 fee to join a team each season. Captains are free. First time registrants receive a free tote bag.

Q: Who can play? A: Any member of a facility/club and their immediate family can play. There is not an age limit.

Q: How do I set up a team? A: Contact Let's Go Bocce! and we will set up your team.